Personal Event Management

From Start to Finish

a person pouring red wine in a glass

The creative ideas behind an event are only the first step in planning and hosting a seamless experience. With extensive inside knowledge of the hospitality industry, the event management team at SixthSense Agency know the secrets to creating magical events.

a person pouring red wine in a glass

Our core philosophy is creating personalised events with intuition using our "Sixth Sense" for hospitality so that clients’ and guests' needs are consistently met and exceeded.

Perfectly Planned Event

The first step of a seamless event experience is the creative ideas that form an ideal event strategy.

Executed with Precision

Even the smallest of details matter as they are the secret ingredients in creating truly magical events.

A Thorough Evaluation

A key part of event management is reflecting on the success of said event in achieving its purpose.

Corporate Boardroom






Entertain Your Guests with Our Mobile Cocktail Masterclasses

If you’re looking for an extra element to elevate your next event, consider a mobile cocktail masterclass with SixthSense. Our masterclasses are perfectly suited for any ocassion.

  • Corporate clients events
  • Team building
  • Intimate private parties
  • Interactive and fun atmosphere
  • Up to 25 persons

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