Hospitality services that anticipate your every need

At SixthSense Agency, we provide event management and waitstaff solutions throughout Sydney designed to set your senses alive. Our purpose is to provide personalised waitstaff and event solutions suited perfectly to your unique requirements.

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The sound of champagne glasses

A seamless event is a rare and beautiful thing. It’s decorated with the sound of laughter and champagne glasses clinking.

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An explosion in your mouth

Surprising flavours that blend together to create harmony — a feeling that comes with a truly memorable experience.

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A feast for the eyes

Drink in the sights of a beautifully decorated venue, delicious food and your guests dressed in their best outfits.

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The Aromatic, Enticing Scent of Delicate Canapes

In every culture, food sparks joy, love and warmth. SixthSense serves up food that speaks to the soul.

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Feel the buzz of excitement in the air

The light chatter between friends, soothing music as an undertone and quality waitstaff who meet your needs before you anticipate them.

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Solutions suited perfectly for you

Each event is its own memory with different unique experiences. We find staff that synchronise their rhythms with clients to create impressionable memories.

Founder of the company

Who are
SixthSense Agency?

Over a highly successful career spanning more than 16 years, owner Cesar Ramirez has mastered every hospitality role, from hotelier to corporate hospitality, training and development, management, and food & beverage service. Specialising in offering 5-star hospitality experiences to clients, he is always searching for that extra 1% to elevate events. He is passionate about facing challenges head on and thrives on the excitement of hosting a spectacular event, even under pressure.

Founder of the company

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a seamless end to end experience to clients by embracing the art of intuition and anticipating their every need – we call this SixthSense hospitality.

We are also committed to sustainability and staff wellbeing in the workplace; promoting a healthy balance between body, mind and our environment.


I have always known Cesar to be a person full of passion, who lives and breathes the values of hospitality.

Cesar is always looking for opportunities to go above and beyond to meet his client's expectations. His wealth of knowledge in the industry gives him the edge.

Ransdale Dinger

Hospitality Services Manager NSW KPMG

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Dedicated in providing seamless experiences for every client from start to finish